Invisible House

by Liberation Prophecy

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Liberation Prophecy, Louisville, Kentucky’s indie jazz ambassadors have finally returned with a second album, Invisible House, and the news is all good. Saxophonist/composer Jacob Duncan’s astonishing ensemble has seen group members come and go since the band’s auspicious 2006 debut, Last Exit Angel, but the octet has congealed into a facile, intuitive unit that’s long on virtuosity and musical empathy. This time out, Duncan’s inspirations include Carla Bley, Tin Pan Alley songsmiths and even the Rolling Stones, and as always there’s a rare depth of expression—musically, lyrically, and spiritually. Composer Duncan’s collaborations with lyricists Will Oldham, Joe Manning, and Greta Smith are all unqualified successes. “You can hold music too tight, and I realized I needed to let go a little and not hold it so close to my chest,” Duncan admits. “So I got together with three songwriters who I respect as part of that letting-go was beautiful and fascinating.”
Imminently listenable and inviting, yet never less than adventurous, Invisible House is a new direction for Duncan and Liberation Prophecy; compared to its predecessor, it’s less avant-garde and more song-oriented, personal and accessible. Guitarist Craig Wagner and trombonist Chris Fortner are band veterans, and they’re joined by bassist Chris Fitzgerald, drummer Michael Hyman, trumpeter Kris Eans and Steve Goode on tenor and bass clarinet. New singer Carly Johnson is a revelation—versatile, tuneful, and with an emotional range that floats from first-person intimate to brassy belting with the greatest of ease. “I think the whole of Invisible House is about the idea that you are where you are, the idea of being; not so much emphasis on what I’m doing, and more on how I’m being, you know?” Duncan suggests with a quiet laugh. Liberation Prophecy’s Invisible House is waiting for you—the key’s in the mailbox. Come on in.


released June 11, 2013

Carly Johnson-Our Lady of Song
Jacob Duncan-composer/alto saxophone/clarinets/flute/Rhodes/vocals

Steve Good-tenor saxophone/bass clarinet/clarinet

Chris Fortner-trombone

Kris Eans-trumpet

Michael Hyman- drums

Craig Wagner-guitars

Chris Fitzgerald- double bass



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Liberation Prophecy Louisville, Kentucky

With influences including, but not limited to, luminaries such as Charles Mingus, Carla Bley, John Coltrane, Kurt Weill and Frank Zappa, Liberation Prophecy’s range is nothing short of astonishing.Dysfunctional sambas collide with seasick circus waltzes, introspective ballads juxtapose with the primal exigency of the avant-garde, the gloom-laden asks the playfully comic for the next dance. ... more

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Track Name: You
I, you. You, me. Let's Go.
I, you. You, Me. We Know.
We were so long ago.
I cross my fingers and toes.
You'll say, "not now, let's just wait."
Your eye will wink just too late.
We, you, I, us.
we must.
We, you, I, us.
Let's just...
lay around all day, and love so still
till green night's parade.
I see your face for heaven's sake so long I'm lost in your wake.
We, you, I, us,
we must.
We, you, I, us,
Let's just...
Lay around all day, and love do still
till green night's parade.
Cause I wanted you to know,
that I'm Crazy, I'm crazy
I'm crazy, I'm crazy for you.
Track Name: Fortress
If I am a rock, I am a fortress, I am Jericho.
You are a band of trumpets.
I am a silly weak wall.
If I lose my balance, I will fall.
Will you catch me?
Please will you try not to laugh, sometimes, I'm an unstable wreck.
When I cry,
could you try not to laugh.
Track Name: Wish I May
A) deer seem thoughtful, don’t they now?
like they’re as cursed as we
with the haunt of ambition and tragedy.
A) said my painter sister to me, “they’re hiding in the trees.
their spots are like the light on leaves.
B) and all that their predators see are grays.”
but we know better, don’t we?
B) i just stay in the house for days.
it frightens me to be seen.
C) there are voices in the woods.
i trick them with the light.

B) i am the color of golden smoke.
they only see black and white.
A) if heaven really is a place
i’m still afraid to go
the deer, the deer, the deer, they know.....
Track Name: Let's Not Pretend
All is lost to me Will it always be? If we were together again
I may still lose you my friend
I’m a grateful daughter
Caught up in the thaw of spring And I hold my super falter
and I move through.
To be swallowed Created to be crushed into powder Hey little swallow Sing round your little crown
It was created
I hear on my own Your song
There it lays
Stolen fast
The world into song Forever
For fun
For my heart
Let’s not pretend songs find their end
Only their time
When will it all be mine?
When will it all be mine?
Track Name: The Lazy Mist
Take these things and put them away beneath the stairs here’s a box that’s labeled ‘broken’
and one ‘to be repaired and handed down’
like this evening gown from another season
this wind up music jewelry box keeps playing
Claire de Lune for other reasons
greeting cards and letters, a few of which arrived on time,
some neatly folded down the center,
and some with rhymes so quiet when they rhyme.
but now and then, I wish some one would read them out loud again, and again....
Track Name: Tip Toe
I’m going to tip toe down
those stairs without a sound. And you’ll lay in our bed.
Baby starts to cry. I’m not surprised. Not that it matters, it’s all in my head.
I’m alone,
I’m alone,
I’ve been alone for some time.
And why aren’t we? Why aren’t we? Why aren’t we ever?
You’re broken down,
I’m never around. Why aren’t we ever?
Track Name: Death From Above
Spider creeps with wild eyes.
World created by his lies.
I’ve been trapped inside his web.
The spider kept patient.
The spider kept patient.
She gave with all her Love.
He felt like death from above.